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That's Laguna Cejar ... it's very, very salty... you float

Unfortunately, it's not warm

See, he's floating

It's pretty big

And very cold

We got tired of having pictures of us, so we decided to take pictures of our stuff instead

More volcano

I did it... it was cold

But I did float

In any position

No hands

Very floaty (by the way, Jen wussed out and did not go in past her ankles)

Laguna Cejar - P1010427.JPG

Cool mountain ridges

They call these the "ojos de salar" because there are 2 of them next to each other. But they are man-made failed oil well, so we thought kind of lame

Don't let her fool you, she did not get in here either

Laguna Cejar - P1010435.JPG

I think that's a gang sign

Be careful if walking near here in the dark

Laguna Tebenquiche - makes for cool mountain reflection pictures

Laguna Tebenquiche

Laguna Tebenquiche

Laguna Tebenquiche

Laguna Tebenquiche

Laguna Tebenquiche

Laguna Tebenquiche

Officially the middle of nowhere

Laguna Tebenquiche and Jen; Jen was not reflected for some reason

I was there too


Also cool

We were here for sunset, so the colors kept changing

Us at Laguna Tebenquiche



Now darker

Turning red/purple

Those buildings are a massive astronomy project underway called ALMA which will soon have the largest radio telescope observatory in the world - because there are hardly ever any clouds here and it's at high altitude

ALMA closer

Very pretty - Laguna Tebenquiche at sunset

Getting darker and darker

and darker

and pinker

... with a shadow on the bottom

Laguna Cejar - P1010513.JPG

This is what happens if you tilt the camera

Shadow getting higher

Then the wind picked up and the reflections stopped reflecting


Pinkish gray

Light almost gone

Laguna Cejar - IMG_1269.JPG

Laguna Cejar - IMG_1270.JPG

Laguna Cejar - IMG_1271.JPG