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Valparaiso, Chile

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It takes about 1.5 hours by bus to get to Valparaiso from Santiago--this bus was much nicer than our FlechaBus experience in Argentina

Chilean navy

Valparaiso can basically be described as lots of hills, ocean and brightly colored houses

lots of them

Most of the houses are fairly old

Amazing views from above

And of above

There are lots of funiculars to get to the top of the hills, though most of them are no longer running

Funicular closer up

See? Hills and houses

More hills and houses

Some are a little worse for wear

Jen likes Valparaiso

Valparaiso, Chile - IMG_0931.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - IMG_0932.JPG

Apparently cats in Valparaiso build nests

We were told that Pablo Neruda once said that drying laundry was the flag of Valparaiso (the person that told us that may have made it up though)

This funicular track is no longer used

We walked for ~6 hours up and down hills--good workout!

Every house a difference color

Another angle

Yet a third angle (we liked this street)

Top of one of the old funiculars

We took the stairs instead

That guy in front is the German pirate that took us on the walking tour


These dogs were not happy to see us

Houses everywhere

Photo of photo-taking

This is apparently some foundation started by an American ex-pat

More graffiti/art

Most roofs and walls are made of corrugated metal

They like color

a lot

Valparaiso, Chile - P1010046.JPG

Art everywhere

This could use some work

Valparaiso, Chile - P1010058.JPG

The hills are as cool as the ocean to look at

Valparaiso, Chile - P1010060.JPG

Vina del mar is a big beach resort destination just north of Valparaiso

Valparaiso, Chile - P1010062.JPG

We had lunch in this crazy mansion

See, there we are having lunch

This is from the patio... not bad

Valparaiso, Chile - P1010066.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P1010067.JPG

Don't mess with Chile

I like having a good camera zoom

Valparaiso, Chile - P1010070.JPG

Sadly, we do not live here



In case you missed the last photo

One of many boutique hotels

Which color would you paint your house?

Roof deck of yet another boutique hotel


Cool hills

Not sure which view I prefer... Good problem to have

It took a long time to get the boats to pose properly for this picture

Apparently, when there is a fire that house is f'd

Warning: You may get speared

We were told that elecricity is a bit expensive in Chile... this could be why

One of these houses is not like the others, one of these houses is not the same

Valparaiso, Chile - IMG_0962.JPG


You may have already seen this photo

There are orange houses too

Valparaiso, Chile - IMG_0967.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - IMG_0968.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - IMG_0969.JPG

Functioning funicular track

Valparaiso, Chile - P1010091.JPG

They like to paint walls/doors/whatever

If I remembered what this building was, I'd tell you

Top of a working funicular (we took 2)

Nice house

Watchout Peru...


Old meets new... the facade of the old building was protected, but after earthquake damage they gutted it and built a modern building inside

Naval building

Central plaza

The police!

Naval museum (we didn't go)

Still a working port--though aparently ever since the Panama canal got built Valparaiso has been on the decline

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160224.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160226.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160227.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160233.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160240.JPG

Even the benches are artistic

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160248.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160250.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160251.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160252.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160257.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160263.JPG

Valparaiso, Chile - P7160265.JPG