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Valle de la Luna

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Very desolate

This is the 'Valley of the Dead'

Pretty crazy

We walked to the bottom down that big sand dune on the left

Valle de la Luna - P1010218.JPG

Jen with sand

Crazy formations


Way down there is a group that came out to go Sand Boarding on the dune - they have to walk up, we got to walk down

Though we did have to deal with this cliff first


Let's do this

They look so small down there

Ok then, I guess we'll just jump off this cliff and hope for the best

Safely down the cliff; shoes off to walk through the sand barefoot

Never give Jen the camera

Off we go

Here we are

Now we're over here

Jen likes to run in the sand

She's faster than she looks - quickly flip back and forth between this picture and the last one and you'll see what I mean

Apparently she won the race

And is now tired

Our tracks

Cool backdrop

Quick zoom-in

The sand was deep - and really soft

The sandboarding group

Those tracks lead to the sun

These people made sand boarding look very difficult

This dog was crazy

Weird rocks/stuff

Our van

Our guide

Weird desert

Seriously, what is this stuff?

It's everywhere

Looks kind of scary

Salt stalagmites

... everywhere

They make a weird crackling sound too

This is the aptly named 'Big dune'

It is big

Back right is 'the amphitheater'

Valle de la Luna - P1010288.JPG

Big rocks

Valle de la Luna - P1010290.JPG

I can see why it's called the Amphitheater

Unclear what that sign means or why there is a giant rock fist punching up through the ground

This is called 'The Three Marias' except somebody broke the one on the left

I'm not sure what this is called, but I think it looks like a turtle

Salt crystals everywhere

Three Marias from the side

Turtle to the left, some stone hands coming up out of the ground on the right

That's a lot of stuff... must of which is extremely confusing

... so obviously I did it too

Not recommended

Jen stayed on firmer ground

She likes the desert

Warning: Shadow people

Sunset in the desert

Cool colors during sunset

Red in the distance

Those hills glow


Valle de la Luna - Y6dIpL-_aIFJkR9SiHO1usR4QUeGsFhOrE5qwbeVkYRyfrjmqa0jXKh9cFuL74SYHUBy7PX0wTo=m18