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Santiago, Chile

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Cerro Santa Lucia

Cerro Santa Lucia

Cerro Santa Lucia

Cerro Santa Lucia

Cerro Santa Lucia from above

Those are big mountains out there

Really big mountains--this is from the top of Cerro Santa Lucia hill

Top of Cerro Santa Lucia Hill

The climb to the top of Cerro Santa Lucia Hill

The park near the top of Cerro Santa Lucia Hill

Those buildings are pretty tall... the mountains are crazy tall

Cool photo

You actually have to crane your head back to see the mountains

Santiago, Chile - IMG_0892.JPG

Cool statue in Plaza de las Armas

Central Fish Market

Lots of fish, a welcome change from Argentina

This fish was huge

Bottom of San Cristobal Hill -- a massive hill with a Funicular to the top and great views overlooking the city

Entrance to the Funicular

Funicular track... it's steep

Amazing views from the top... the mountains don't really come through in a photo, they are spectacular

so huge

Sister and mountains

This dog enjoys sleeping with a view

That hill in the middle is Cerro Santa Lucia from earlier photos...

...This is it closer, we were on top of that the day before. San Cristobal is MUCH bigger.

We caught sunset on top of San Cristobal



Those are serious

How cute


We can't get enough of the mountains

City from above

It's fun to flip back and forth between this picture and the next picture...


More mountains

and again


Sunset and Ransom

Our submission for photo award

Sunset and sister

Santiago, Chile - QiyZtZewXGfcouP0_vKts4huRm2sThNj9qXITT1dgIldiflvOKov9ON0agCCvGZIbui2aqmn698=m18


They are a little stingier on the dulce de leche in Chile, but it's still good

Also good

There seems to be a SWAT team rapelling down the side of this building...

...nope! Window washing is just more exciting in Chile...

...much more

Yep, that's a Segway in a booth. Classy

Plaza de Armas painters

So many beautiful paintings, and cheap! We could not restrain ourselves from buying several

Yeah, he painted that, we bought it :) He actually wasn't finished with it yet when we bought it, so we watched him put all of the finishing touches on it. Also bought another one that goes well with it. Great paintings and really cool guy.

We bought the one on the bottom, Ashley got the one on the top. We'll match! The guy in the middle is the artist--everything of his was gorgeous... we're lucky that one of his others wasn't dry yet otherwise we would have spent another $100.

Got that one in the middle... Had to wait until the next day for it dry. Very excited about it. Now that we own 4 paintings, I think we have officially become Chilean art collectors

Old and new

A fountain

A fountain with friends

You would not see a sign like this in Argentina

Sister and me at a great place in Providencia for awesome wine by the glass

Great Chilean wines by the glass

From the outside

What's good wine without meat and cheese?

Someone stole my fork

Our 'Matrimonial' bed at Hotel Foresta; a Doble is two single beds, you have to say 'matrimonio' if you want a double bed

It had a nice sitting area

And a cool restaurant on the top floor looking out on Cerro Santa Lucia Hill

The river that goes through town

With some serious mountains in the background; by the way.. that building is the tallest building in South America

Lots of fish in Chile

And this is Chilean King Crab. It will F you up.

This statue freaked us out. It's like a deamon Gary Coleman; it watched us eat.

Really cool crafts market at Los Dominicos

More of the crafts market--an awesome afternoon off the beaten path

A closer view of the mountains from the suburbs

Fancy suburb

I have literally no idea what this sign means