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That's apparently a condor from far away--we heard that they have a 4 meter wingspan

Lots of crazy rocks

Salta - P1000709.JPG

And landscapes

I've seen her somewhere before...

Our guide took this picture--great that she prioritized getting our shoes in the picture rather than the mountains. This is the only picture she took for us.

The road.

Salta - P1000716.JPG

The colors frequently changed

And occasionally there were some dryish river beds

And lots of bushes

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This is the car that our guide drove us around in. Based on her pricing, it must have cost her a million dollars. (seriously, read the blog post)

This is called Garganta del Diablo (the devils throat)--remember that same name from Iguazu falls? They use it alot. Also, every city has the same street names.

See, I wasn't kidding

We climbed in there for awhile

It was big

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Salta - P1000729.JPG

Salta - P1000730.JPG

This person was really going for it...

...seriously, that guy went all the way up. You can kind of see him in this picture, but very small. Were not sure what happened to him. The devil probably swallowed him.

From even further back... now he's really small!

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Salta - P1000735.JPG

Salta - P1000736.JPG

Jen was less excited about climbing

Salta - P1000739.JPG

Salta - P1000741.JPG

Jen was momentarily possessed by el Diablo, but soon recovered.

Yeah, I climbed that. Sup?

Jen stayed at the bottom

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Down was harder than up

Salta - IMG_0512.JPG

Salta - IMG_0514.JPG

No kidding

After the diablo, it became more desert-like

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Everybody likes Llamas

That's the road; there's only one. Good thing we had a guide...

Roadside Llama stand

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Salta - P1000767.JPG

Salta - P1000768.JPG

Llamas are most entertaining when they look right at you.

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Salta - P1000773.JPG

Colors changed again

Salta - P1000775.JPG

There are some pretty amazing colors in the landscape

Salta - P1000778.JPG

Salta - P1000779.JPG

Snow capped mountains in the background

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Salta - P1000783.JPG

Salta - P1000784.JPG

There were lots of rock formations that the locals named. This one is "the frog"

This was called "el Obelisco"

This was called "the sinking Titanic"

This was called "The Nail"

This was called "the castle"

This was called "reflection of Ryan's hands against the car window holding a camera." Very realistic.

This was called "Windows"

And this oddly colored one was called "Ryan's shoe next to a rock"

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Salta - P1000787.JPG

Salta - P1000788.JPG

Salta - P1000789.JPG

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Also, lots of cactus. In Spanish, they are called "los cactus"

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Salta - P1000805.JPG

Our hotel room in Cafayate: Patios at Cafayate, a Starwood hotel that accepts SPG points!

Salta - P1000809.JPG

A bunch of very nice common rooms around the hotel

And a beautiful pool area

Salta - P1000814.JPG

The hotel is surrounded by a vineyard and attached to a functioning winery

This is at a different winery (finca de las nubes) Great scenery, mediocre wine.

From the tasting room

Salta - P1000822.JPG

According to Lonely Planet, the wine flavored ice cream is the "pride and joy" of Cafayate. It was ok.

That is a full service gas station. I always wondered where you could buy shopping carts.

Our hotel from the driveway

Salta - P1000826.JPG

Either the vines here are way taller or Jen has shrunk considerably since we left--I see her everyday so I probably wouldn't have noticed. You decide.

Front door of the hotel

Salta - IMG_0497.JPG

We took the same road back to Salta. They had the same rocks 2 days later.

Salta - IMG_0519.JPG

Salta - IMG_0522.JPG

Hotel hot tub was pretty (though not hot, nor did it have seats, apparently it's actually a standing-room-only warmish tub. Or, possibly another devils throat...

Lots of goats at the goat cheese farm

Hello - I'm a goat and these are my friends

Salta - IMG_0552.JPG

Salta - IMG_0553.JPG

Salta - IMG_0554.JPG

Now, that's a goat

Goats are fun

Hello goat.

Outside of the goat cheese tasting room

The goat farm was surrounded by a vineyard run by the same company. Apparently goat manure is used to fertilize the vines. After tasting the wines, I think we prefer non goat manure fertilized wines.

This is from one of the winery tours. Lots of grape pulp and stuff. Also used as fertilizer. Grapes get fertilized by their already crushed friends and by goat manure. I'm glad I'm not a grape.

Salta - IMG_0563.JPG

If it comes in a jug, you know it's good

It was pretty though

Salta - IMG_0566.JPG

Salta - IMG_0569.JPG

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Salta - P1000836.JPG

You can name this rock formation yourself

Don't mess with this plant

Kind of like a cartoon character face

Salta - P1000841.JPG

Salta - P1000842.JPG

Salta - P1000843.JPG

Salta - P1000849.JPG

Salta - P1000850.JPG

Devils eyes?

Kind of like Indiana Jones

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Salta - IMG_0575.JPG