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Buenos Aires Zoo

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This seems to be a combination of a duck and a turkey. Durkey? There are several of them

The Durkeys cannot be contained. They wander around wherever they want

This is kind of like a giant hedgehog...

A goat seems to be trampling a large human baby in this odd sculpture near the zoo entrance.

Flamingos and stuff

More Durkeys!

This guy was very proud of his bright orange teeth. I have no idea what he is

Lots of cages like this, some have animals in them

These things are everywhere... they are like a cross between a rabbit and a deer, very odd.

What are you??


They are decent sized

Hello fish

A sad monkey trapped on an island all by himself

Shouldn't you be in a cage...?

Guess not


I guess it's an anteater... has a crazy tail (among other things)

Strike a pose


I wonder if he likes to eat rabbit/deer...

Sad bear

Sadder bear

No idea... kind of like the rabbit/deer things crossed with the giant hedgehog things

White tiger

Cool bird; unweildy mouth

The lemurs were the best

This may be the weirdest of all animals

Tapir = cross between anteater and wild boar?



Small llama...?

Smiling llama

He has lots of personality...

...from all sides (and he knows it)



More worrisome

He was playing hide and go seek with the other rhinos

Did me mentioned that you are encouraged to feed the animals?




This seems like a good opportunity to use the word 'flaccid"

and again

This is where you buy the animal food

Unclear what nature was thinking here

The faces look cool

Seriously, what are you???

I feel like this may be Narnia


Needs to floss more often


Timon, from the Lion King