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BuenosAires-Week 1

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We were told place had the best pizza in Buenos Aires. Pizza Guerrin--it was indeed awesome. They had a 8 page menu that was all different kinds of pizza involving lots of words we don't know in spanish. This cost ~$7.

Wouldn't be a bad place to live... Looking up from our park bench in lo jardenia botanico

This is the bench where the attempted purse snatching took place

Same bench other side

I think this statue has something to do with independence

Pick pretty much any block and you'll see really cool architecture, lots of patios and lots of trees

This picture would be better if there was just a little more wind...

Viva Argentina!

One of the locals.

This building was built in the 1920s and apparently had ~37 floors and each one had it's own elevator. Efficient.

Argentines are basically a combination of Spanish and Italians, but when most of them migrated here during WWII, they had sort of a French fetish, so brought lots of French design, architecture, furniture, etc. This building is entirely French, they even brought over the bricks from France. This sort of thing is why Buenos Aires is called "The Paris of South America"

Just another random building. Seriously, this one is nothing special.


Less trees on this block, but always lots of plants hanging off the patios

This is just a Polo store.

Everyone has dogs. Jen thought she was being subtle in taking this dogs picture. I think the owner may have noticed...

Probably another attempted dog picture

Lots of parks too

What does that sign mean??

Un cafe?

LOTS of dogs. We heard that when people were fleeing Europe during WWII if they had a dog when they got to Ellis Island they weren't allowed into the US, so they ended up in Argentina and that's why people love dogs so much here. Don't know if that's true, but I've never seen so many dogs in a city, they are everywhere, and they are all incredibly well behaved.

The Pink House. This is where the president works. The balcony where Evita/Madonna used to address the people is in the middle. Don't ask why it's pink.

Some statues and towers and stuff

Front of Pink House

but HOW Is this possible???

Just another random street corner

Every street has beautiful trees. Every one.