So many posts to catch up on! (but still no time…)

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We’ve been too busy traveling, exploring and trying not to freeze to death (it’s VERY cold in Chile) over the last week to be able to post at all.  I only have a few minutes now, but there are SO many things for us to catch up on, por ejemplo:

  • Wine tasting in Buenos Aires with Anuva — Awesome!
  • Wine tour with Trout and Wine in Mendoza — Awesome!
  • Mendoza overall
  • Santiago, Chile  – Aside from it being extremely cold, we really like it here and think we might come back and spend a few weeks
  • Walking tour in Valparaiso, Chile with Michael the German pirate  (that’s what he goes by)
  • Argentine wine vs. Chilean
  • Argentine food vs. Chilean
  • Special thanks to those of you that have sent us so many fantastic suggestions for these cities!
  • And probably other stuff too.

No time now, but should be able to start pulling this stuff together over the next week and we have tons of great pictures.

Aight, gotta run, just didn’t want anyone to think we had disappeared.

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