World Cup Game 4:  Argentina 3, Mexico 1

World Cup Game 4: Argentina 3, Mexico 1

Written by ryan

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Patriotic Argentina Bakery Image

Those are all cakes, I think this speaks for itself

As the premier source for Worldcup 2010 information, we know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting a post from us on the outstanding Round of 16 game featuring Argentina early today; well, buckle-up, cuz here we go…

Argentina vs Mexico World Cup 2010 Crowd Image

It's game time in Buenos Aires

I have to say that the during the first 15 minutes or so, we were a little worried… Mexico looked pretty good and the level of play was extremely intense–far more intense than the US/Ghana or England/Germany game seemed to be to our highly (un)trained eyes. After that, to summarize, Argentina crushed them.

Argentina vs Mexico World Cup 2010 Crowd Us Image

We were proud to wear our jerseys and excited that the team was back in their home jerseys (and, a little drunk)

We’ve written before about #10, Messi, and mentioned how he seems to be more or less unstoppable when he has the ball. We are not soccer strategists, but it has occurred to us that if we were playing against Argentina (which is unlikely), and wanted to win so badly that we were willing to forget about sportsmanship, our strategy would be to injure Messi as early in the game as possible. It appeared that this strategy may have occurred to Mexico as well–they didn’t injure him, but they were able to more or less shut him down by having 2-3 guys jump on him every time the ball came near him. The bad news for Mexico and the rest of the remaining teams is that it turns out there are some other guys on the Argentina team that also know how to play.

The energy of the crowd and frankly the entire city/country when a game is on is incredible.

Argentina vs Mexico World Cup 2010 Crowd Goal Image

This is what the crowd looks like for a goal

Argentina vs Mexico World Cup 2010 Crowd Game Over Image

...and, this is what it looks like when the game ends; the whole kitchen staff came out and started a parade. It was awesome.

It’s even more exciting with sound so we took some video at the end of the game, which in no way captures the experience, but is still pretty cool:

In case you missed the game because you have ridiculous priorities in life, actual game highlights are here:

Next up is Germany on Saturday.  We already have our reservation to go back to this same place.

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