Game 2:  Argentina 4, Korea 1

Game 2: Argentina 4, Korea 1

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Game 2 was pretty sweet.  It was at 8:30am on a Thursday, but that didn’t stop us from getting a gang together (including our spanish classes and teachers!) to watch it at a packed cafe.  We decided to stay sober this time given how early it was, but suffice to say, not everyone in the cafe made the same choice and when they started scoring a lot towards the end, it got pretty entertaining.

Argentina World Cup Jerseys Image

Jen got us jerseys!

Argentina was one of the first teams to get 6 points which pretty much guarantees them a berth to the round of 16.  We don’t really know what we’re watching, but when we watch Argentina, they seem more coordinated and strategic than many of the other games we’ve watched… As I said though, we don’t really know what we’re watching.  We do like the blue and white jerseys though!   It’s also fun to watch the England games because it’s entertaining to hear the Argentina commenter repeatedly yell “rooney, rooooney… ROOOOONEY!!!”

Rooney Image

This is Rooney, his name sounds funny in spanish, especially when you yell it over and over again excitedly; try it

It’s almost as entertaining to watch Argentina’s coach Maradona as it is to watch the game itself.

Maradona Image

"The hand of god" -- Seriously, this guy is a piece of work

If you don’t know much about Maradona, you should read about him here on wikipedia, he’s got quite a history…

Young Maradona Image

It's even more entertaining to picture him when he was younger... yes, that hairstyle is still popular here

One of our favorite players to watch is Messi.  He’s one of Argentina’s best and apparently one of the best in the entire tournament.  While we appreciate how good he is at the game, we are even more impressed by the fact that he has made it through the first 2 games without appearing to even break a sweat.  All of the other players walk around in between play looking like extreme athletes, Messi looks like he’s lounging around on the beach, then he kicks everyone’s ass.

Messi image

No sweat, literally

It’s hard not to become fans given all of the energy around this down here.  The world pretty much stops when Argentina plays… My spanish teacher said that she would have to come to school early since the buses would likely stop running during the game (despite being during rush hour).  We love it, and can’t wait for the next game on Tuesday–even better, it’s in the afternoon (aka there will be beer)!

Viva Argentina!!

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