Review:  El Estrebe parilla

Review: El Estrebe parilla

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This review is a long time overdue. El Estrebe is a parilla (basically means a restaurant that focuses on steak, for those unaware) that is very close to our apartment–on Pena near the corner of Pueyrredon. We walked by it several times as we were exploring the neighborhood when we first got here and noticed that it was pretty much always packed (with locals) during dinner time–this is all the more impressive given that it is in the middle of a mostly residential block rather than prominently situated on a corner like so many of the popular places are.

We finally tried it after about a month of taking taxis to Palermo for good steak (e.g., Don Julio, La Cabrera, Miranda, etc.), and we only wish we had done so sooner. Not only is the food fantastic (they literally cut our steak with spoons at the table), but it has a great local vibe full of regulars and, even on your first visit, they go out of their way to make you feel at home–in particular, Jorge who is one of the waiters, is very likely to sit down and chat with you for upwards of 30 minutes, even if your Spanish is pretty mediocre :) .   We’ve now been there several times, and each time we’ve had phenomenal food, great wine and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Further details: We’ve tried several different cuts of steak and all have been extremely high quality and delicious. The chimichurri is awesome, the proveletas are awesome, the salads are fresh and they have a great winelist that include some very good wines for less than $AR40 (we’ve found this to be rare at high-end places). We haven’t tried the pastas yet (since the meat is so good!), but rest assured that they have a complete menu.

Highly recommended!

By the way, it’s not just us, they are highly reviewed on the local Yelp equivalent:  Guiaoleo


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  • Marnie May 29, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    Oh yes, Ryan, we loved El Estrebe and ate there several times. I posted our positive experiences there on TA. It was just as you described – the food & the atmosphere – even the wine was really good. We enjoyed the meal (especially the provoleta & beef) even more than Don Julio – although D J does have that lovely patio dining.


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