Grilled cheese, please

Grilled cheese, please

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When I say grilled cheese, what comes to mind?  Maybe a gooey toasted sandwich on Wonder bread with melted Kraft singles . . . maybe a diner-style sandwich on a hearty country loaf with classic cheddar?  Ask for “grilled cheese” in Buenos Aires, and that’s exactly what you’ll get – a slab of grilled Provolone cheese locally called a “Provoleta”.    Yum.

Grilled cheese (aka Provoleta) imageWe had heard about this enticing inclusion on the Argentina parrilla menu, otherwise dominated by beef, beef and more beef (and the token chicken or pork option).  Can we really order a massive piece of cheese that’s been sliced thick and thrown on the grill?  Seems so decadent and outrageous, but we figured that if we could quit our jobs, get married and move to the other hemisphere all in a matter of weeks, we should be able to handle this.  And turns out, we did just fine – a nice crust on the bottom and ooey gooey bubbling goodness on top – yum!  We’re not saying we’re going to order this as our main dish anytime soon . . . but on the other hand, we’re not saying we won’t either.

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  • Bryan Farris April 8, 2010 at 4:06 am

    I am so ordering this whenever i get myself down there. as an entree.

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