How to get hot water in Buenos Aires

Lesson learned #2:  Which faucet do you use to get hot water in Buenos Aires?

Shower Faucets in Buenos Aires image

Which one would you pick?

Anyone?  Read on for the correct answer…

Trick question…

“C” = Caliente = hot


“F” = Frio = cold

BUT… we were using C for the first week and still taking cold showers, UNTIL…  we decided to investigate this weird box thing in our kitchen:

Kitchen Hot Water Heater image

Why is this thing in my kitchen?

This thing is a hot water heater and it need to be turned on in order for you to have hot water in your apartment.  We turned it from 1 to 5 and suddenly had wonderfully hot showers.   Let’s pretend it didn’t take us a week to figure this out.

Lesson learned

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  • Bryan Farris March 26, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    hmm…you might not want to share this news next time. people might think you’re dumb. either that or that the system is dumb. you should make something up like, “our landlord insisted that we should not touch the random box in our kitchen so it took us a week to decide to ignore him”

  • AC April 1, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Yeah, pretty much all european countries have this because the construction predates modern plumbing. There isn’t room for a second pipe in the walls with hot water, so people either have on-demand electric heaters or solar on the roof (or a combo system). It is actually quite green.

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