We’re in BA!!!!

We’re in BA!!!!

Written by jen

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After spending a surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable day in DC, we headed to the airport once again last night and this time had no trouble with our flight – flight 847 was on time, had a friendly flight crew and was surprisingly easy despite the nearly 11 hours it took.  And at last we have arrived in BA!  Our apartment is small but sufficient and very well located, just 2 blocks from Plaza Palermo Viejo, which is packed with restaurants and cafes (see our apt. here: http://www.4rentargentina.com/buenos-aires-apartments/palermo/malabia-and-guatemala-i-1530.html).

We went out for a fabulous Italian dinner that cost us a whopping $46, including a bottle of wine and dessert (for reference, a comparable Italian restaurant we frequented in North Beach in SF was typically ~$130 for the two of us).  Tomorrow will be spent wandering through our neighborhood more, investigating Spanish schools and of course trying out more local restaurants – we’ll keep you posted!

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