Homeless and unemployed, at last

Homeless and unemployed, at last

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4 days, 43 boxes and several bottles of wine later, we are at last moved out of our apartment and officially homeless – so exciting!!  When we arrived at the storage facility with our movers today and couldn’t fit all of our stuff in the allotted space, we made friends with the facility attendant by helping him furnish his apartment with our leftovers.  Guess we’ll need a new desk and bookshelves when (or if) we come back.  After a surprisingly painless walk-through with our crazy landlord, San Francisco sent us off in style – with a full-on downpour.  We’ll miss you too, SF!!

It’s been a big week – we quit our jobs, had an epic going-away party (followed by a rather debilitating hangover), packed up our apartment and crammed the material goods of our San Francisco life into a 10×11 storage cell, where it will sit patiently waiting for us for the next 6 (9? 12?) months.  And it’s not over yet – tomorrow we get married (justice of the peace style – sweet!) and then start making our way to Seattle.   But at least now that the stressful part is over and every item on the to-do list has been checked, we’re finally starting to absorb the fact that we have no responsibilities, no obligations, no restrictions.  We’re looking forward to getting used to that and wondering how our thinking might change (and how we might change) as a result.  We’ll keep you posted.

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  • Vicky March 4, 2010 at 4:23 am

    Hurray for you! What an adventure–we look forward to following your adventures (and eventually meeting you in Argentina). Love you both-mom and dad

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